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do not use at all is my advice. brought my car 6 months ago from a dealer who issued me with warrenty with this company. as most people you take the addition and walk off thinking you have piece of mind.

all was fine until my steering started making a funny noise, everytime you would move it there was a loud whining noise. a trip to a garage told me it was the steering pump and rack which was on its last leg and needed replacing. no problem i thought, warrenty on the car will sort out a little problem like this..........

2 days later after contacting the company i got a call from the garage who said that the parts in question were not covered on the warrenty because they had not failed. after hours of phone calls and not getting anywhere and warranty wise not budging i shelled out £500 for the work to be done privetly, great.

so after that everything was fine until the gearbox started making a loud knocking noise one evening then finally died. again back to the garage and calls to warrenty wise. this will definately be covered i assumed, when i saw the bill for the work to be done i really started to pray.

few days had past then i got a phone call from the garage who said warrenty wise required the part to be removed from the car and sent off to a specialist to find out the route cause, which was fine......until the garage told me that warranty wise would not pay for diagnostic work. because the gearbox was a sealed unit it would have to be broken apart which i got quoted £800 for. after speaking to warranty wise for days on end about my unhappiness they basically said that if i could get the work done privetly for cheaper then that would be the best option because the likelyhood of them paying out was almost zero.

quentin wilson who co-owns this company, i really really hope you know whats going on.

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Hi David...I'm agree with your views regarding warranty wise. Its a fastest insurance company as its name suggest.

Mostly customers of warranty wise are happy with its services and fast feedback. I never be give negative review for this company.


Hello Tsoleman...I can understand you suffering from problem regarding your car repairs. But I ensure you Warranty Wise never do like as you saying.

I had also face the same problem as you but in my case warranty Wise give 100% good feedback and repair my car with no any cost.

Sometimes Warranty wise may take some time but they definitely solve the problem of customers. I always recommend the Warranty wise for best Company in UK.

Thank You

Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom #685132

had problems with this outfit as well. Had corroded plugs on sterring pump - we don't cover (spark) plugs as they are a service item. Err no these aren't spark plugs, they try every trick to avoid paying

Was emailed that they'd pay their part of the bill on their company CC then they refused to do so. Was told by another rep they NEVER did that and I was making it it up - I forward their own email back to them and no apology for calling me a liar.

Any part not failed, they won't replace even it will fail soon and cost them more money.


what kind of car is it did u read the cover provided howmany miles did the car sho when u bought it

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